Canine Hero

2024 PuppyUp Madison Canine Hero

For each PuppyUp Walk, the Event Manager and their Walk Team select both a Human Cancer Hero and a Canine Cancer Hero, to be honored during the Walk ceremonies.

These Heroes are chosen because of their exemplary attitude towards their particular type of cancer, showing bravery and hopefulness in their fight against this terrible disease.

The Canine Hero for the  2024 PuppyUp Madison Walk is Ilsa Wheeler.

Her photo and story are shown below.



Ilsa is goofy. She is majestic. She is stubborn. She loves ear rubs, and belly rubs (preferably at the same time). She snores when she sleeps. She loves chicken and peanut butter. She hates baths and being brushed. Ilsa is pure, unfettered, love, and she is a miracle.
Ilsa is in remission from lymphoma. She was first diagnosed on December 19, 2022, when she was 5 1/2 years old.

Her family adores her. Our hearts grew three sizes the day we brought her home. We are grateful for every day we have with her.
The Wheelers