Canine Hero

2017 Canine Cancer Hero: Tryggvi

Tryggvi never acted ill, but in the fall of 2015 he had an odd lump on his side that never seemed to be the same size. It would swell and shrink, leaving his owners mystified. Thanks to the expertise and quick-thinking of Dr. Hospel and Dr. Kay, an exam showed that he had a mast cell tumor which was removed in an emergency surgery that same afternoon. After his incision site healed, he went to Dr. Shui at Veterinary Emergency Services for weeks of chemotherapy and multiple check-ups to ensure that the tumor hadn’t spread. Throughout his entire ordeal, Tryggvi was nothing but cheerful and full of an absurd amount of kisses for his doctors and their wonderful staff.

Tryggvi is now 4 years old, and still in remission! He loves to play with his two brothers, Fritjof and Jormungandr, who are also Norwegian Buhunds. He hosts an informational booth about the breed at Syttende Mai in Stoughton each year and is a wonderful buddy to his many foster dog friends. His jobs include herding the chickens back into their coop at night, grooming his cat friends, and (sort of) pulling his dad on rollerblades. He has yet to meet a puzzle toy he can’t conquer or destroy in less than 5 minutes and his record for longest foot-licking session is 3 consecutive hours.

Tryggvi and his family hope you will join us in supporting the PuppyUp Foundation to raise awareness of canine cancer, help fund cancer research to find ever better treatment, and spread his infectious good cheer and optimism to those that need it most!

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Photo by Steve Dahlgren of Dog Grin Photography