Canine Hero

Canine Hero

For each PuppyUp Walk, the Event Manager and their Walk Team select both a Human Cancer Hero and a Canine Cancer Hero, to be honored during the Walk ceremonies.

These Heroes are chosen because of their exemplary attitude towards their particular type of cancer, showing bravery and hopefulness in their fight against this terrible disease.

The Canine Hero for the 2019 PuppyUp Shoreline Walk is Freddie, and his story is shown below (as told by his “person” Angela Vigent):

Freddie and Me –

How do you tell the story of a miracle in three paragraphs?

Freddie was sent from Heaven to be my dog. The mere fact that I was looking for a ‘small puppy that grows into a large dog’ started the odyssey of Freddie’s journey to me. Listed, incorrectly, as a flat coated retriever on the Labs4rescue site, I fell in love with his face. It wasn’t until a week prior to him being sent up from Tennessee that we found out that Freddie wasn’t a retriever at all, but a ‘terrier of sorts”. I was given the option of rescinding my application and applying for another dog…no, I’ll take Freddie. The best decision of my life. 

Within a few months of his arrival, he began to sniff and paw at my right breast. At first, I thought is was ‘cute’, after a while it became annoying. He would knock coffee cups out of my hand. Nearly a year later, I was scared to death. This dog knew something. For 16 months I went from doctor to doctor having 3 mammograms along the way. Each time, I was told I was fine. Each time, when I mentioned that my dog was ‘acting weird’ I was met with eye rolls and snide remarks. I finally found the lump Freddie was sniffing at. I demanded an ultrasound and, only then, did the 8 cm. mass show up. I don’t know why the mass didn’t spread, but I was blessed that it didn’t.

Freddie didn’t give up…now, we are trying to help him. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, hemangiosarcoma, and is under going chemo. His prognosis isn’t good, but I owe him a chance. Freddie was sent to me for a reason and he has accomplished his mission. Had he been listed correctly, as a small/medium dog, had he been listed as a terrier, he would have never made it to the Labs4rescue site. I would have never seen him…and I wouldn’t be here, now, telling our story. I actually owe him my life and I will forever be in his debt.

Freddie Vigent