Puppy Up Grants

Education and Awareness

The field of comparative oncology is relatively new and the Puppy Up Foundation is educating people about its tremendous potential and the early warning signs of canine cancer through seminars, speaking engagements, social media and events.

Empowerment and Mobilization

Through our PuppyUp walks, we are building one of the largest pet and people cancer communities in the world; a partnership forged with the singular purpose of ridding the world of the greatest global killer. So far, we have organized over 170 PuppyUp Walks across the country.

Investment in Research

The Puppy Up Foundation’s scientific objectives are:

  1. Broadening our understanding of the links between human and companion animal cancer, creating a cross-institutional collaborative platform
  2. Developing new approaches to research
  3. Funding translational cancer studies that benefit both pets and people

The Puppy Up Foundation has funded $600,000 in cancer research in the areas of osteosarcoma, breast and bladder cancer, as well as mast cell tumors and NK Cell Therapy.

Recipients of our grants include:

Princeton with The University of Pennsylvania
Harvard’s Broad Institute
Animal Medical Center with Sloan Kettering
The University of Wisconsin
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Purdue University
University of Missouri-Columbia