About the Event

Since the inaugural PuppyUp Madison walk in May, 2014, the Madison community has provided unprecedented support to help find a cure for cancer in our canine and human companions, raising over $350,000.00 for the study of comparative oncology. Through celebrating our heroes, honoring our survivors, and remembering those who have passed, PuppyUp Madison has made resounding strides to help fund research to help find a CURE.

Because of your efforts in 2015, the PuppyUp Foundation awarded a $96,000 grant to our very own University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of stereotactic radiation for dogs with bone cancer (osteosarcoma, a cancer that affects dogs and children).

Thousands of kind people throughout our Madison and surrounding communities have provided support, sponsorship, participation, and the ultimate act of kindness in teaming with us in what will be our 4th PuppyUp Madison event. For this, we are eternally grateful.