Event Details

Are you a proud pet parent
of a dog with cancer?
Or do you have a healthy pup that you’d like to enter in a contest to help raise funds for cancer education,
awareness and research?
Look no further than the 2025 Calendar Contest “Dogs Helping Dogs…”!
Your pup can help in the fight against canine cancer and be featured in our
2025 Calendar!
Enter now and help us make a difference in the lives of our furry friends!
Is your dog an outstanding member of your family? 
Now’s your chance to show the world their personality, special quirks
and of course their good looks and cuteness!
The Puppy Up Foundation is excited to announce the opening of our
2025 Calendar Contest.

This is the 17th year for this beautiful tribute.

Who can enter?

ALL dogs are invited to enter.

How to enter the contest?

Register your dog as a participant.
Click here to register.
The $15 entry fee counts as your first 15 votes.
There is no limit to # of dogs in a household,
but each dog needs to be registered separately
so they will have their own fundraising page.

What’s next?

Customize your fundraising page with their photo and story*, showing how special they are and what they mean to you. 

*If they have been touched by cancer, 
how have they handled that diagnosis? 
Be sure to include notes about their personality and favorite activities. 

Sharing your page with family and friends and asking them for help in promoting your dog will help you meet your fundraising goal.

Votes are $1 each.
Voting ends at 10 pm EST on  Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

How are the funds used?

All proceeds go to support The Puppy Up Foundation.

The Puppy Up Foundation is committed to:

Spreading awareness of canine cancers

Providing education for pet parents to keep their pets healthy
Conducting research that benefits both pets & people
Fundraising levels & incentives:   
     $50 raised = guaranteed spot in the photo gallery in the calendar
     $100 raised also includes one (1) calendar
     $150 raised will earn a tee shirt as well
Top 13 pets with the highest number of votes
win a prominent place in the calendar with their photo and story.

Additional perks for the top 13 winners:

Cover Dog:

One special email  announcing the winner,
dedicated to their own special story.

Monthly Winners:

Being honored as the “Pup of the Month”
in the 2025 monthly newsletters and on puppyup.org site and Social Media pages.