Welcome to the 10th Annual “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” Calendar Contest!

Join us for our annual contest to determine who wins a prominent place on the 2018 Calendar! Promote awareness of canine cancer and fundraise for cancer research to benefit both pets and people.

Enter the contest to honor your personal canine cancer hero.

Who can enter? Anyone with a dog who currently has or has had cancer (living or passed).  Dogs who have entered in prior contests are also eligible to enter again.

How does it work? From June 15th to July 30th, register your dog as a participant in the contest. Then upload your best photo.

Edit your home page. Include your dog’s story and how they came to be touched by cancer.

Voting begins as soon as you enter! Your $10 registration fee applies as 10 votes for your dog. (Votes are $1.00 each, minimum donation $5.00.) Share your page on your favorite social media sites, and encourage your family and friends to go to your page and vote for your dog!

If you want to enter more than 1 dog, there will be a separate registration fee for each of them, with their own page.

The 13 pets with the highest number of votes win a prominent place in the 2018 calendar. Winners will choose which month they want their photo to be on.

Along with their photo, the 13 winners will also have their personal story published in the calendar as well. Please be sure to include their story on the page. (This will help show their personality and increase votes for their photo!)

No pet will be left out! All of the entries will be included in our 2018 Calendar. We will have a gallery featuring all of the photographs submitted.

We’re looking forward to all this year’s entries, and, through your participation, funding vital canine cancer research.

So, come join the fun, enter your dog, vote for your favorites, and help make a difference.  Directly support critical canine cancer research.

For questions about the contest or technical issues with your photographs, please contact Erich Trapp at



Why We Support the Puppy Up Foundation

Now more than ever, we must continue the fight and support those with cancer, honor the friends we have lost, and raise funds for research that  can help others. .Please join us in our efforts to PuppyUp against cancer!